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Beach Wedding Plan

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Beach Wedding Plan

You can enjoy the sound of the waves accompanied by sweet ukulele music as we also offer a small wedding package plan including the beach photo shoot, the pastor, and a ukulele performance.

Beach Wedding Plan



  • Beach photo session
    (100 photos)
  • Attendant on the beach

Dress & Accessories

  • Rental wedding dress
  • Rental tuxedo
  • Artificial Maile lei
  • Artificial Kukui lei
  • Artificial flower bouquet
    & head piece

Hair & Makeup

  • Bridal hair & makeup


  • Limousine transport service
    (Round trip service from the salon/beach)
  • Private car transfer to/from our salon within Waikiki


  • Downloadable photo data; A special link will be provided to access the data.


  • Marriage certificate
  • Honorarium to the pastor
  • Honorarium to the singers & musicians
  • Flower shower
    *Waimanalo beach excepted
  • Accessories for the photo session
  • Planning fee

Extra Options

  • *In the event of poor photographing conditions, the ceremony will be held at the Marriott Hotel Premium Garden instead of Magic Island in the event of rain after leaving the salon. Your understanding is appreciated
  • *There is no meeting the day before. Hair and makeup is done at the salon.
  • *Hotel to Salon pick-ups will be done with an ordinary car.

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