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Waimanalo beach

The waimanalo beach is awarded the best beach in USA!
The Emerald green sea celebrate your wedding!

The Brand new chapel from Royal Kaila

The new chapel at Marriott hotel will be open from Royal Kaila!
The name of chapel is Liana, which means happy, satisfaction...


The wedding at the church or chapel plans include the bouquet.
Enjoy your wedding with the beautiful flowers.

Kaila resort fashion

What would you wear in Hawaii?
Kaila’s resort fashion suggests you wonderful coordinates

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We prepare attractive plans a lot.
And glad to help your wedding.
Feel free to contact us.

Flower shower

The flower shower decollates your wedding more attractive!
(the flower shower in included for the wedding plan)

Video shooting

You can remain your wedding as a movie!!
Are you interested in it??

Hair make

We, Royal Kaila's hair-make up artists make you more beautiful!

Check their creation here

Be a princess

Find your best wedding and dress in Hawaii.

Check the dress blog here

Photo shoot at Waikiki town

This is one of the popular plans!
You are able to enjoy the beach photo and the town photo both!!

Check the details here

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