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What is your favorite color and flower?
You can choose your own bouquets for your wedding!


Rainy Day Insurance

Don't worry about the rain on your wedding day!
We recommend the''Rainy Day Insurance''!
(It depends on what your plan is if you can add this option)

Check here

The Church of the Epiphany

We've just added the new church for you!
The Church of the Epiphany welcomes you warm!

Wedding season is coming!

The wedding season in Hawaii is coming!!
You can feel the hawaiian breeze and enjoy your wedding!!

Hair attendat

If you would like to change your hair-style during the wedding or photo session,
Hair make-attendant will help and make your wish ture!!

CHeck the ☆details here☆

Sunset Photo

If you would like to have photos not only the morning beach, also sunset beach,
you can add the photo session at sunset time.
It must be more romantic !!
☆Sunset photo☆

Our special Albums

You can choose the photos for your wonderful album by yourselves.
And the albums are popular as a present for your relatives who couludn't attend
your wedding in Hawaii.

☆Check the albums☆

Casual Photo plan

If you don't have much time to prepare for the photo session,
You can be taken photos with your casual clothes,

☆Check the plan here☆

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