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Exactly Dream!!

As the plan's name, the Dream wedding plan is DREAM!!
You are able to have the wedding ceremony in the church and beach photo shooting on just 1 day!!

Please check the schedule and plan here.

Contact us!

It is the end of the wedding season in Hawaii.
We may support your wedding even if your ideal day is close,

Please contact us : )

Reception venue

We organize some reception venues for your wedding!
What kind of meal do you like??

Check the venues here

Our salon

Our salon is located in front of the Waikiki beach and
you must enjoy the view from our salon!

Visit us now!!

Rainy season in Japan

It's rainy season in Japan...
If you fed up with the weather,
come to Hawaii and enjoy the sunshine!

Hawaii island Photo garelly

We have the wedding salon in Kona,Bigiland.

Please check the gallery here.

Beautiful location in Hawaii

What a beautiful view!!

Please check the gallery and find your favorite location for your wedding: )

Rainy season in Japan

If you live in Japan, I know you may fed up with the rainy season every June...

Hawaii's sunshine waiting for you : )

Memorial Day Parade today

It is Memorial Day Parade in Hawaii on Kalakaua Ave.
Though it is not the happy memory,..
but experience the enjoyable Parade!!

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