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Before the wedding or after wedding,
we recommend you to have massages at our SPA!
Make you happier !!


Angels by the sea

Have you ever heard the name of popular brand ''Angels by the sea''??
We recommend you the resort fashin in Hawaii!

Check here!

Looking for a MODEL!

We are looking for the couples for our advertisement!
If you are interested in that, please check the details here

Sunset Time in Hawaii

Sunset time shows the new face in your eyes…
Check the wonderful sunset in Hawaii

Yukata Plan

Yukata, which is one of the traditional Japanese cloths, plan is popular
Among the foreigner!
Why don’t you try it on??

Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s day!
Celebrate the Valentine with your special in Hawaii!
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

photo gallery

What a beautiful sight!
You can feel the beauty by yourself!
Please check the photo gallery !

Valentine's day is coming soon!!

Have you planned for the special gift for your love??
Why don't you consider the wedding in Hawaii???

Moanalua Garden wedding

We recommend you the wedding at Moanalua garden!

You can feel the energy from the nature...
Beach&Moanalua garden plan

Wedding season has come!!

From March to June, the wedding is so poplar in Hawaii!

Why don't you join our wedding plan??

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